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As a sexual assault awareness advocate and survivor, I am celebrating World Pride 2019 with a fierce collaboration with King Children! For that reason, proceeds of each sale will go to the Ally Coalition so we can continue to #SupportSurvivors loud and proud!
“When you rock these glasses you will not only look like a badass, but you will be a fierce supporter of those that need you to overcome their trauma. Now that is something to really be proud of!”
Zeke Thomas' The Bow-Tie Collection
“#SupportSurvivors loud and proud!”
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Zeke Thomas's Story

My name is Zeke Thomas, and I am a New York City based DJ and TV personality originally from Detroit, Michigan. Music was always my first love and I have always pursued it passionately. Music has taken me all over the world and I have worked with some of the most successful artists in the world because of it including Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Chuck D, Diana Ross and more.


When I was 27 I was raped which immediately brought my experience with sexual assault at 12 years old rushing back to the forefront of my mind and suddenly the music I loved was silent. Thanks to the combination of therapy and love from my friends and family, the music I love is once again loud and proud!


I’m teaming up with the Ally Coalition and King Children to continue to mobilize a movement. Through music and fashion we can move the world to end discrimination, shed light on injustice, and support survivors of trauma like myself to be the best versions of ourselves. That’s why portions of my King Children collaboration proceeds will proudly go to The Ally Coalition.