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KING CHILDREN designs frames for EVERY FACE!

This Pride season we are blessed to collaborate with some of the most talented, passionate, and creative people ever…who all just happen to be part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

With these #FIERCE individuals, the PRIDE x KING CHILDREN COLLABORATION was created. #PRIDExKC

Eddie Jarel Jonesx
“When wearing these glasses, I want you to feel confident, represented and seriously bad ass!”
MEET Eddie SHOP The Milan's
Anttoni Lopez
“When wearing The Alpha glasses, I want you to feel confident, strong and to be the leader that you are!”
MEET Anttoni SHOP The Alpha
Blair Imani
“This collection is dedicated to LGBTQ Muslims, you too are part of the Ummah.”
MEET Blair SHOP The Ummah
Preston Souza
“Expression is freedom, freedom is power, and together we can change the world.”
MEET Preston SHOP The Motha Pride
Zeke Thomas
“I am celebrating World Pride 2019 with a fierce collaboration with King Children! For that reason, proceeds of each sale will go to the Ally Coalition so we can continue to #SupportSurvivors loud and proud!”
MEET Zeke SHOP The Bow-Tie
Vito Fun
“When you wear my glasses I want you to receive and give LOVE!”
MEET Vito SHOP The Call Her
“Showing your Pride to me all starts with a mood" "Each color has a different inscription to inspire a different mood.”
Eli Erlick
“The Be You line of glasses is my collaboration with King Children to emphasize the fun, stylish, and fashionable world of being yourself, in the open.”
MEET Eli SHOP The Be You
Mila Jam
“Pride is about owning your attitude, style and space! No one needs to tell you who to be, when inspiration is everywhere.  It's about subtle sophistication, bold energy and feeling JAMAZING!!!”
MEET Mila SHOP The Jam
Brandon M Garr
“I want you to feel LOVE too, when you rock my King Children shades to celebrate World Pride 2019!”
MEET Brandon SHOP The Icon
Greg Bennett
“As I was growing up, Pride wasn't embraced the way it is today, but seeing the LGBTQQIAA front and center in the hearts and minds of people during this and more recent Pride months, makes my heart so happy.”
MEET Greg SHOP The Greggy